Visitors can meet and learn about a wide variety of amazing Texas wildlife here at the Austin Nature and Science Center. Some of these animals are former pets that have imprinted on humans and have not developed the proper skills needed to survive in the wild, while many others have sustained injuries or illness that prevent them from successfully returning to life in the wild. We partner with licensed rehabilitators to provide a permanent, safe, and comfortable home for the remainder of these animals' lives. Here we can provide them daily care, quality food, enriching experiences, and veterinary assistance that all promote optimal welfare while they serve as Animal Ambassadors for their species.

Wildlife Exhibits are open to the public during regular visitor hours with no entry fee.

Birds of Prey

Through a federal permitting system, we have the great privilege to provide homes to injured Central Texas birds. Many have suffered life changing injuries caused by hunting accidents and habitat degradation from urbanization. Here they can serve as animal educators, helping the public connect with and learn about their wild counterparts. Visitors get the rare opportunity to experience them up-close and learn how to coexist with these incredible birds of prey.


Small Wonders

There are so many wonderful small creatures that call Austin home, and you will meet some of them here in the Small Wonders exhibit!  These critters can all be found in the wild within 100 miles of Austin, and some of them can even be found right here at the Austin Nature & Science Center. Sometimes hidden, camouflaged, or just small enough to miss, here you can catch a glimpse of these special creatures and learn about their role in our ecosystem. 

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We are home to a variety of animals that can no longer live on their own in the wild. Many were imprinted on humans, orphaned, or injured and need our help to have a safe and healthy life. Here they receive dedicated daily care from our wildlife keepers. Visitors can learn all about Austin wildlife and how to respect them and their habitat by being good neighbors.

How to support our resident wildlife:

  • Monetary donations are always welcome!

When making a monetary donation please specify that it is for "ANSC Wildlife Supplies." Mail or drop off your donation to: Austin Nature & Science Center, 301 Nature Center Drive, Austin, TX 78746

  • Supply donations are always welcome!

We are always in need of supplies to support wildlife care. Donations of new (never used) items may be dropped off at the Visitor Pavilion during business hours.  Receipt for donation available on request. See list below for most needed supply donations. For questions, please call 512-974-3894.


Dry Dog Food (Purina adult maintenance)

Canned Cat Food (Purina ProPlan EN Gastroenteric)

Canned Cat Food (Friskies multi-flavors, HEB multi-flavors)

Timothy Rabbit Pellets (Mazuri, Oxbow, Kaytee)

Aquatic Turtle Food Sticks (Mazuri or Tetra ReptoMin)

Pigeon/Dove Seed (Mazuri, Hagen)

Wild Bird Seed Mixes (Wagner’s Deluxe Blend)

Tropical Fish Food Flakes (TetraMin)

Bloodworms (Frozen)

Meal Worms (bagged)

Super Worms (bagged)

Timothy Hay (bagged)

Red Wiggler Worms




REScue Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorizer

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2% (Durvet)

Distilled White Vinegar

Laundry Detergent (not HE type)

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

SeaChem Prime Aquarium Water Conditioner

Dish Sponges

Dish Brushes/Scrubber

Supplies and Equipment

2’ x 4’ Plywood Sheets

2” x 4” Wood Beams

Carefresh Pet Bedding

Pine or Aspen Wood Shavings

Brown Butcher Paper Rolls

Pine Cones (bagged, unscented and not decorated)

Cypress Mulch (2 or 3 cubic foot bagged)

Organic Topsoil (2 or 3 cubic foot bagged)

Seashells (bagged, pre-cleaned)

Mini Ceramic Heat Emitter bulbs (150 W)

Mercury Vapor Bulbs - Arcadia D3EVO

50W Halogen Basking Spot Lamps

Small Mammal Chew Toys (gerbils/rabbits)

Naturalistic Reptile Water Bowls (various sizes)

Pet Food Bowls (stainless steel)

Heavy Duty Plastic Plant Saucers

Boomer Ball (10" -20” size of smaller)

Kong Toys (small or medium size)

Bird Toys

Rabbit Toys

Reptile Hides

Digital Kitchen Scale

Handheld Vacuum (cordless)

Towels (hand or bath sized)

Storage Containers (various sizes)

Aquarium Supplies:

  • Gravel and Stones
  • Air Pumps (battery powered or plug-in)
  • Air Stones (with or without power supply)
  • Algae Scrapers
  • Glass Scrubbers
  • Natural-looking Decorations
  • Plastic Plant Decorations

Thank you for your donation and support!