The Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance—a first of its kind trade and export alliance for commercial music—is a public-private partnership involving Austin City Council, the City of Austin Music & Entertainment Division, the City of Toronto Music Sector, Economic Development & Culture Division, and private industry leaders in both Austin and Toronto.

The Alliance encourages joint programming and exhibitions, meaningful trade partnerships for music products and services, and growth of new commercial music business ventures through acting as a gateway for emerging entrepreneurs, as well as established professionals. The Alliance seeks to accelerate the music industry market sector in Austin and Toronto to create more jobs, earned revenue, and business expansion.


Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance Songwriters Camp

The Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance Songwriters Camp brought together professional Austin and Toronto songwriters to create and co-write in a "song camp" environment. Six Toronto songwriters / producers (chosen by Canadian Music Publishers) and seven Austin songwriters producers (chosen by BMI Austin) co-wrote and recorded new songs for ongoing collaboration.

Participating Austin Songwriters

Participating Toronto Songwriters


2nd Annual Austin-Toronto Music City Summit

The 2nd Annual Austin-Toronto Music City Summit took place October 10-12th, 2018, at Arlyn Studios in Austin, Texas. The Summit brought together music industry leaders to Austin to take a deep dive into current and coming trends in key areas affecting our two emerging music cities: Tech Investment & Innovation; Publishing & Licensing; International Touring; and, District-Based Place-Making:

  • Hugh Forrest Keynote, Chief Programming Officer, SXSW
    • Topic: Tech and societal trends influencing music and entertainment industry development.
  • New Investment in the Music & Entertainment Industry
    • Topic: Current realities and trends for capital investment in the music industry.
    • Panelists: Kip McClanahan, General Partner, Silverton Partners and Russell Hinds, Managing Director, RSH Ventures; Moderator: Danny Gillespie.
  • International Touring Development & Logistics
    • Topic: Touring network development between Canada and USA
    • Panelists: Ryan Matteson, President Ten Atoms; Robert Loughran, Immigration Attorney Foster Global; Timmy Hefner, Agent, Ground Control Touring; Lisa Zbitnew, The Phoenix Concert Theater; Moderator: Stacey Wilhelm, Independent Consultant and Former SXSW Senior Manager Music Festival
  • Live Music Development Through District-Based Place-Making
    • Topic: Venue advocacy through district development and other collaborative strategies.
    • Panelists: Jason McNeely, Co-Owner, Hotel Vegas & Barracuda; Rebecca Reynolds, President, Music Venue Alliance Austin; Richard Weiss, President, Weiss Architecture; Moderator: Nicole Klepadlo, City of Austin Economic Development Department
  • Seeding and Growing Independent Publishing
    • Topic: Strategies for better developing independent publishing networks within Austin and Toronto.
    • Panelists: Jodie Ferneyhough, CCS Rights Management; Richard Perna, Music Publisher & Music/Entertainment Industry Consultant; Margaret McGuffin, Canadian Music Publishers Association; Moderator: Chris Castle, Christian Castle Attorneys
  • Expanding Austin and Toronto Music Licensing
    • Topic: Infrastructure improvements between Austin and Toronto music publishers and artists.
    • Panelists: Chris Robinson, Red Brick Songs; Kim Temple, Canadian Music Publishers Association; Alex Maas, The Black Angels; Jack Epsteen, SVP, Director of Production, GSD&M; Moderator: Emily Kaye, Former Head of Licensing for Live Nation Sponsorship and Media Division