The Music & Entertainment Division is committed to serving the needs of the Austin music industry, and we can’t do it alone. We leverage local, national and international partnerships that align with our mission, vision, and values to provide the greatest benefit to the public.

Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance

The Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance—a first of its kind trade and export alliance for commercial music—is a public-private partnership involving Austin City Council, the City of Austin Music & Entertainment Division, the City of Toronto Music Sector, Economic Development & Culture Division, and private industry leaders in both Austin and Toronto. The Alliance encourages joint programming and exhibitions, meaningful trade partnerships for music products and services, and growth of new commercial music business ventures through acting as a gateway for emerging entrepreneurs, as well as established professionals. The Alliance seeks to accelerate the music industry market sector in Austin and Toronto to create more jobs, earned revenue, and business expansion.

Texas Music Office

Austin is designated as a "Music Friendly Community" in the State of Texas. Participation in the Texas Music Office Music Friendly Community Program provides Texas communities with a network for fostering music industry development, and sends a clear message to industry professionals that certified communities are serious about attracting and developing music industry growth.

The Office of the Governor’s Texas Music Office created the Texas Music Industry Directory, capturing music businesses of all kinds, from commercial music to education to tour services. In collaboration with the Texas Music Office, the Music & Entertainment Division provides the maintenance and promotion of Austin’s portion of the directory.  The listing serves as a very much needed industry asset, connecting members of the community together to cultivate a stronger Austin music community.

Love Austin Music Month

KUTX, Austin Music Foundation and the Music and Entertainment Division have declared February "Love Austin Music Month" and are making a concerted effort to highlight and spread love of Austin music.

SXSW Community Showcases

The Music & Entertainment Division, in coordination with SXSW, supports paid opportunities for Austin's musicians and bands to perform in free and official community showcases during the annual springtime festival.