For information related to your auto theft case, or for general questions, please email the Auto Theft Unit. Due to the high number of phone calls, emails can be fielded faster and more efficiently.

Notice of Important Information for Kia / Hyundai owners 

Auto Theft Interdiction Project

APD's Auto Theft Unit has specialized programs designed to reduce vehicle crimes. The Auto Theft Interdiction Project programs (ATIP) are partly funded by the Texas Auto Burglary & Theft Prevention Authority.

ATIP combats vehicle theft and burglary through law enforcement, crime analysis, crime prevention, and public awareness. This forms a proactive program to investigate, identify, arrest, and charge criminals.

Some of the measures involved in this proactive program are:

  • Investigating burglary of vehicles
  • Performing interdiction activities
  • Identifying and investigating automotive organized crime
  • Conducting operations that target offenders
  • Scheduling and conducting 68-A Inspections

To Report an Auto Theft:

  1. Call 3-1-1 (or 512-974-2000) to have an officer dispatched to your location to take a report and have the vehicle listed as stolen
  2. Contact your insurance company and give them your report number
  3. Check daily by entering your license plate number and VIN #.  This will tell you if your vehicle has been towed in the Austin area.

Please note: the Auto Theft Unit is not open 24 hours. The office is open Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

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Auto theft prevention 

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Information for Kia / Hyundai owners:

  •  29% of the vehicles stolen in Austin in the last year (2022-2023) were various models made by Kia or Hyundai. The manufacturers are aware of the issue and we encourage you to visit their websites listed below.
  •  Hyundai is offering a free anti-theft software upgrade for affected customers, and Kia is offering a similar software upgrade and a free steering wheel lock. Kia will also add a decal to your vehicle which indicates the vehicle is equipped with Kia Anti-Theft Logic.