The Equity Action Team (EAT) is a coalition of community members and City of Austin staff focused on advancing racial equity in our communities through partnerships with City departments, non-profits, philanthropic entities and community-based groups. The EAT meetings are dedicated to critical discussions and strategizing on how to best improve the quality of life for most directly impacted communities in Austin. Join the EAT and find more information on the dashboard.

The EAT is composed of the individuals who organized and pushed for the creation of the Equity Office back in 2015. Their first goal was helping the Office co-create the Equity Assessment Tool. Now, in monthly meetings the EAT functions as a compass for the Office, ensuring we remain accountable to the community.

Equity Action Team Meetings

Everyone is welcome to join the EAT! As a member, your responsibility is to attend and bring your community with you. During our meetings, we hear from community members and City staff to understand community needs and City projects and work together to produce better outcomes for all. Here are the EAT's upcoming meetings:

November 2022 - Virtual

We will be training and conducting a workshop on how to effectively advocate for ourselves and our communities through local civic engagement. We will be meeting over Zoom for our November 2022 meeting. Please register here.

December 2022 - In-Person

We will do a Year in Review, map goals for the 2023 year, and take time to express gratitude and our vision for EAT as we move forward. We will be meeting in-person for our December 2022 meeting. Please register here.