The Fugitive Apprehension Unit (FAU) was created in August 1998 during a departmental reorganization.  It was established with the purpose of executing warrants not served by uniformed patrol officers or departmental detectives.  The unit, by executing departmental warrants, will allow uniformed patrol officers to remain in their assigned sectors available for calls while also allowing detectives additional time to conduct their criminal investigations.

The unit is also available and/or assists with detainer or extradition procedures when a subject is arrested by another law enforcement agency in reference to a departmental warrant. The unit is responsible for maintaining accurate and complete records on subjects wanted by the Department and ensures all pertinent warrant information is properly entered, cancelled and/or updated in the Access Data, Versadex and Omnixx System to include, state (TCIC) and national (NCIC) database systems.

The unit, by focusing on and meeting the job responsibilities as defined by the Department, enhances the public’s safety in conjunction with facilitating the criminal and judicial processes. 

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