Preventing Violence Together

We can all help make Austin a city with equitable access to safety. 

Community leaders at a safety press conference

Jill Henderson, Austin Co-Chair of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, speaks at a press event for District Attorney José Garza in November, 2021. 

Address Your Stress

Since 2020 levels of stress have gone up in populations across the world, including teens. Chronic stress not only takes a toll on our bodies, it can cause conflict to escalate to violence against others or ourselves. Address Your Stress explains how our body reacts to stress and provides resources to keep stress from leading to actions we will regret. If you are interested to help get this message and resources out to our community, please email with your ideas. 

Join us: Address Your Stress Community Organization Briefing
1:00pm – 2:00pm
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Register and Join via Zoom

Let’s address stress in Austin this Mental Health Awareness Month. As a leader in an organization serving our community, you have insight and influence that can help residents better understand what’s happening when we experience stress, what we can do to prevent stress from escalating to harm, and why it’s important for our health and safety to address stress. 

Safely Store Firearms

Locking firearms reduces the chances of accidental shootings, suicide, and theft in homes. If you or someone you know needs more information or access to free gun locks, visit today.