Givens District Park has a long history of serving the community for gatherings of families and friends for sports, picnics, and having fun outside. As a place of great joy for generations of East Austin residents, Givens Park also faces challenges. In response to a community-driven town hall in 2021, Austin Public Health's Office of Violence Prevention and Austin Police Department are partnering with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, community members and nonprofits to explore ways to increase the enjoyment of the park and the new improvements for the generations to come. District 1

Bike riding group at Givens Park


Givens District Park is located between East 12th Street and Oak Springs along Springdale Road in East Austin. This historic park is named after Dr. Everett H. Givens, World War I veteran, dentist, and community leader. This park has long been a gathering spot for families and friends, especially for the Black community in and around Austin. The northern half of the park contains Givens Pool (currently being renovated), a ballfield, playground, Givens Recreation Center, and parking. The southern half of the park holds the Martin Banks Pavilion, basketball court, tennis courts, future restroom and multipurpose field (currently under construction), and additional parking.

Since the start of the pandemic, the community has expressed growing concern about violence in the southern part of the park. A Town Hall focused on stopping the violence at Givens was hosted by the East Austin Coalition on July 8, 2021, at the recreation center.

Project Description

In response to a community call to action, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is partnering with community leaders, Austin Public Health’s Office of Violence Prevention (OVP), Austin Police Department (APD), and other partners to further identify concerns and to develop a plan to reduce violence in the park.


The objectives of the community initiative include:

  • Reconnecting with community leaders and members interested in the future of Givens Park
  • Understand the views of community members regarding the challenges facing the park
  • Gather ideas about what the community wants to see for the future of Givens Park
  • Explore ways environment can support more recreation
  • Develop a plan moving forward that can be implemented by the City of Austin and community

Anticipated Schedule

  • Fall 2022: Meet with community, prepare survey
  • Winter to Summer 2023: Launch survey for collecting community feedback
  • Fall 2023: Review results, meet with community

Previous Community Engagement

Community Survey (opened March 4, 2023)

Community Meeting 
December 12, 2022
Meeting Attendees and Notes (PDF)

Community Meeting
October 18, 2023
Meeting notes (PDF)

Funding and Resources

No funding has been assigned to this initiative.

Contact Information

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