Givens Pool is a Community Pool located at 3811 East 12th Street in Austin, Texas. View all City of Austin pools and splash pads.

Despite efforts to maintain and repair Givens Pool, water has continued to leak at increasing rates. In consideration of the water loss and previous attempts at repairing the pool, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department has made the difficult decision to close down the pool until the new facility can be built.

Plans to supplement 2020 summer programming at Givens 
In the absence of the swimming at Givens, PARD is committed to providing additional recreation programs and activities. We will be discussing options with the community to identify desired alternative programming this summer. In addition PARD plans to:

  • Expand the free Summer Playgrounds Program.
  • Provide bus passes at no charge to community residents to allow them transportation options to other PARD swimming facilities.
  • Provide free transportation from Givens Park to Swim Safe and swim team programs, which will continue at another location.


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