The Guided Path Pilot Project was a pilot initiative to address the encampment outside of the ARCH.

The Homeless Strategy Office in coordination with City departments, the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) and Integral Care (Local Mental Health Authority) mental health and other partners engaged in the Guided Path Pilot Project in October 2019. The project involved initial outreach and assessment and service engagement. 

Of the 99 individuals identified for the pilot: 

  • 43 individuals were housed; 12 moved to Permanent Supportive Housing, 25 relocated through Rapid Rehousing and six were reunited with family members or found housing on their own 
  • 24 individuals enrolled in programs designed to lead to Permanent Supportive Housing 
  • 9 individuals were not yet matched for program enrollment 
  • 23 individuals were classified as inactive meaning that they have not been located since their initial survey, reportedly left the area, or other circumstances.

Case management provided peer supports, substance abuse treatment, transportation, resources for employment, and pet services. 

Data updated April 2021