Does your home need repairs?

With the Home Rehabilitation Loan Program  (HRLP), homeowners get help in making much needed home repairs to comply with city building codes and to make it safe, livable, and healthy. 

How the HRLP Works
The program provides 0% interest repair loans that range from $15,000 to $75,000 that are forgiven once a 15-year affordability period is met.  If it is necessary to demolish and replace an existing home, owners may be eligible for a 0% interest repair loan up to $130,000 for a term of 20 years, with a 25% shared equity lien on the home for an additional 10 years.  No monthly payments for either type of loan are required but each of these loans places a lien against the home.

In either the home repair or replacement program the home must remain the principal residence of the homeowner for the entire term of the loan. If the owners choose to sell or rent the home, transfer title, refinance or draw an equity loan prior to the end of the affordability period, the amount owed on the loan comes due.

Services include:

  • Repairs to the foundation, roof, plumbing, HVAC, windows, and electrical
  • Major interior and exterior repairs
  • Complete rehabilitation of home, reconstruction if needed
  • Deferred 0% loan, terms up to 20 years, partially forgiven.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The home is within the Austin city limits
  • The home is a single-family detached home, that serves as a principal residence, and where occupants will continue to live after the improvements are made
  • Owner has clear title on the property, and ownership is in his/her name
  • Applicant has not been discharged from bankruptcy less than  two years of application date
  • Applicant’s household income is 80 percent or less than the Austin area median family income

For Questions or More Information
Want to know more? Flyers about the program are available English and Spanish.

You can also email, or call 512-974-3100.  You may also download the HRLP Application.