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About the Housing and Planning Department

Who we are

In 2020, the Housing and Planning Department formed by merging Neighborhood Housing & Community Development (NHCD) and Planning & Zoning (PAZ).

The two departments integrate comprehensive planning, zoning, and displacement prevention, which includes affordable housing program delivery.

Additionally, this merger allows for the prioritization of resources for equitable and inclusive planning, displacement prevention, and programs and projects that seek to create a diverse and racially inclusive City.

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Our Mission

The Housing & Planning Department partners with the community to shape a more equitable Austin and to prevent the displacement of people and services, using planning disciplines and affordable housing resources.

Our Goals

Create people-centered plans and policies to support pedestrian-oriented places that promote transit, jobs, and affordable housing opportunities

Facilitate long-range planning opportunities to promote the creation of walkable, mixed-use, and mixed-income communities Collaborate with community members to honor and learn from Austin’s distinctive physical and cultural qualities to help sustain a multi-ethnic city

Prevent displacement of renters by providing tenant stabilization resources

Address housing challenges in Austin by creating and preserving affordable housing units especially in high opportunity and gentrifying areas

Transform community engagement processes to yield more inclusive, equitable, and effective outcomes for people of color, low-income persons, and renters

Identify and address systemic municipal racial bias and discrimination in housing and planning by focusing programs, plans, and projects to benefit historically excluded communities.

Who We Help

Who Does the Housing and Planning Department Help?

The Who We Help: HPD’s Program Recipients Dashboard shows Income, Race/Ethnicity, and Household Composition information for people who participate in HPD’s housing programs. 

Power BI Dashboard

The City of Austin's Housing and Planning Department's Who We Help: HPD’s Program Recipients Dashboard tracks and reports housing created and housing services provided to Austin's renters, homeowners and community members.

This answers questions like: Of the many people helped in these programs, who is receiving this assistance? How many are female? How much [income] do they earn? What percentage are Black, Hispanic or multi-racial.

This dashboard is updated monthly and reports progress towards annual goals by the City's Fiscal Year (October 1st through September 30th.)

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Our Team

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