If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately. 

Welcome to The Austin Police Department's online incident reporting system for non-emergency incidents which have occurred within the City of Austin, TX.

The Austin Police Department limits self-reporting to non-emergency incidents. To file a report online the following guidelines must be met: 

  • No immediate danger to people or property exists (if yes, call 911 immediately)
  • The suspect is no longer on-scene
  • You must be 17 years old or older (if not, please call 311 or 512-974-2000)
  • You must have a valid email address (if not, please call 311 or 512-974-2000)


Online reports are accepted for the following incidents:

  • Assault (minor or no injury, excluding domestic violence)
  • Assault with Injury
  • Assault by Contact
  • Threats (excluding domestic violence)
  • Burglary that does not involve fire/arson
  • Theft, (excluding prescriptions, firearms, explosives, vehicle license plates, and motor vehicles of any kind)
  • Lost or missing property (excluding narcotic prescription medication, vehicle license plates, and firearms)
  • Damaged property or Graffiti
  • Fraud
  • Harassment
  • Counterfeiting or Forgery
  • Identity theft
  • Illegal use of a credit or debit card
  • Minor, non-criminal child custody issues for documentation only
  • Trespassing (suspect no longer on scene)
  • Shoplifting reports 
  • Hit & Run
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Wrecker Ordinance Violation
  • Bicycle Registration

*If you need to report one of the crimes listed above and feel the crime was provoked by hate, you have the ability to enter a non-emergency report here. During the sequence of questions, you will be asked if you believe you were a victim of a hate crime and why you feel you were. 

 If the offense you need to report is not listed above, you can report other hate incidents by visiting www.austintexas.gov/againsthate

To begin, enter the location where the incident occurred by using a physical address, nearest intersection, or simply drag the pin to the point on the map, then click NEXT (you can zoom in on the map to see exact locations to drop the pin).

All information you provide goes directly from your computer or device to the Austin Police Department and may be subjected to public records release.

Once you submit your report online, you will receive an email notification with a Temporary Report Number. The report will then be reviewed by APD Central Records and it will either be accepted or rejected. If your report is accepted, you will be given a permanent APD Case Number.

To continue with your report, click on SUBMIT A REPORT, and as soon as that page opens, go to the top right of your screen and click on the arrow next to the word ENGLISH for the list of languages and select the language you need and immediately the page will be translated into that language.

For an optimal reporting experience, please fill out the report in the language of your choosing and provide answers in the same language. This will help streamline the reporting process and ensure accuracy with the Case Service reporting system.

Submit a Report

For incidents that occurred in unincorporated Travis County, please call their non-emergency number (512-854-9770) or go online at: Travis County Sheriff Online Report. For incidents that occurred at the University of Texas, please call (512-471-4441) or go online at: The University of Texas at Austin (utexas.edu).

To submit a tip, call 512-472-8477 or 800-893-8477 or go online to Capital Area Crime Stoppers (austincrimestoppers.org).

En Español

Bienvenido al sistema del Departamento de Policía de Austin para reportar incidentes que no son emergencias y que han ocurrido dentro de la ciudad de Austin, TX.

El sistema del Departamento de Policía de Austin para reportar incidentes en línea se limita solo para incidentes que no son emergencias. Para hacer su reporte en línea, se debe cumplir con lo siguiente:

·    No debe existir peligro inmediato para personas o propiedades (de lo contrario, llame al 911 inmediatamente)

·    El sospechoso ya no se encuentra en el lugar

·    Debe tener 17 años o más (de lo contrario, llame al 311 o al 512-974-2000)

·    Debe tener una dirección de correo electrónico válida (si no tiene, llame al 311 o al 512-974-2000)

*Para continuar con su reporte, haga clic en SUBMIT A REPORT y en cuanto se abra esa página, vaya a la parte superior derecha de su pantalla y haga clic en la flecha que está a un lado de la palabra ENGLISH para la lista de idiomas y seleccione SPANISH e inmediatamente la página se traducirá al español.

Para una experiencia óptima, escriba el reporte en el idioma de su preferencia y proporcione las respuestas en el mismo idioma. Esto ayudará a agilizar el proceso de reportar un incidente y asegurar mayor precisión con el sistema de reportes de Case Service.

Para incidentes que ocurrieron en el Condado de Travis (fuera de la ciudad de Austin), por favor llame a su número de no-emergencias al (512) 854-9770 (y marcar 1 para español) o visite la página web del Alguacil del Condado de Travis: Travis County Sheriff Online (solo en inglés). Para incidentes que ocurrieron en la Universidad de Texas (UT), por favor llame al (512) 471-4441 o visite la página web de la Universidad de Texas UT: utexas.edu (solo en inglés)  

Para enviar pistas y/o información, llame al 512-472-8477 o al 800-893-8477 (solicite alguien que hable español) o visite la página web de Crime Stoppers del Área de la Capital: austincrimestoppers.org (solo en inglés) .