Trash illegally thrown on the ground has a significant, negative impact on Austin. Litter pollutes our natural and recreational areas, and the cleanup needed is expensive for taxpayers!

Each year, City staff and volunteers (including participants of the Clean Lady Bird Lake program) pull approximately 11 tons of trash from Lady Bird Lake.  An additional 4,500 tons are removed annually from Austin streets. Some of these discarded items were dropped directly into the river, but most trash washes in during rainstorms from creeks or through storm drains from land-based areas, such as streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and parks.

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Pick Up Line Contest Winners!

1st Place - “FIGHT DIRTY – Keep Austin Clean.” - Ellen Scott
2nd Place – “Snag It. Tag It. Bag It.” (#trashtag) - Amanda Braziel
3rd Place (tie) – “We’re weird, but we clean up well.” - Jill Piper
3rd Place (tie) – “Austin. To be Treasured, not Trashed.” - Jill Piper
3rd Place (tie) – “Put litter in its place. Pick up the waste.” – Sarah Shaw

Check out some of the media coverage for the #ReduceReuseRespect recycled bottle exhibit on Waller Creek!


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