Little Walnut Creek Greenbelt is an undeveloped park in East Austin that went through a significant vision planning process in 2018, which was approved in January of 2019. Through that planning process, priority projects were identified, with trails and play space being high on the list of community desired amenities. Austin Parks Foundation will partner with PARD to develop a trailhead and improve existing trails.

Little Walnut Creek Greenbelt

Park Information

The Little Walnut Creek Greenbelt consists of 206 acres of hilly wooded areas cut by creeks and ravines near the intersection of 51st Street and US-183 in East Austin. Over four miles of informal trails stretch across the greenbelt, but there are currently no parking areas or other major improvements to the property. The greenbelt, parts of which were formerly zoned commercial and residential, was entirely rezoned to public use in 2017.

Trailhead Project Description

In 2019, Austin Parks Foundation (APF) applied to St. David's Foundation to develop a trailhead and improve some existing trails that have been carved out by bike riders and other users of this undeveloped park. There was also a desire from the community to work toward developing the playground area which needs a more detailed design to be ready for future funding and construction. APF was awarded funds for these projects and began designing the trailhead in 2019.

Community Engagement

Virtual Community Meeting

Community Survey Results (PDF)

Anticipated Schedule

  • July 2020 - City Permit exemption approved for trailhead construction (Phase 1) and trail improvements
  • July - October - Bid construction work and create construction set designs
  • December 2020 - Construction on trailhead begins
  • March 2021 - trailhead and trail work complete
  • December 2021 detailed design of playground area (Phase 2) complete and submitted for permit

Funding and Resources

APF received funding from St. David's Foundation to create a trailhead, do some trail improvements, and conduct additional community engagement and detailed design for future playground (no current funding exists to construct playground, but design will help move that forward).

Additional funds are available through Parkland Dedication funds (PLD) and possible bond funding.

Contact Information

The PARD Project Manager is Darcy Nuffer. Contact her by email if you have additional questions.

Vision Plan Background

The Little Walnut Creek Greenbelt vision plan effort was initiated by area residents and was facilitated by the National Park Service's Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program (RTCA). The greenbelt went through an extensive community-led planning process in 2018. Through that planning process, priority projects were identified, with trails and play space being high on the list of community desired amenities.

Approved Vision Plan

The proposed master plan was approved by the Parks and Recreation Board on January 22, 2019.

Community Engagement through Planning Process

Public Input and Survey Summary
Public Input Summary

First Public Meeting
February 25, 2018
Givens Recreation Center
Public Engagement Summary

Second Public Meeting
April 3, 2018
Pecan Springs Elementary School Library, 3100 Rogge Lane
Summary of Second Public Meeting

Third Public Meeting
Thursday, Sep 27, 2018 6pm – 8pm
Education Service Center Region 13, State Capitol Room
5701 Springdale Rd, Austin
Public Meeting 3 - Presentation

Public Meeting 3 - Concept Boards