The Austin Police Department has temporarily suspended their full time Motor Unit.  In order to provide the services that require the agility and training that are unique to a motorcycle unit, a Motor Auxiliary Unit was created.  The Motor Auxiliary Unit is composed of volunteer officers that are motorcycle operator certified, and actively participate in motorcycle skills training and motorcycle officer required events.  There are forty APD officers that participate in the Motor Auxiliary Unit. The forty participants are mixed ranks from officer, detective, corporal and sergeants.  The Austin Police Department has one sergeant and one corporal that are full time tasked with the management, planning, and organization of the Motor Auxiliary Unit. 

The Austin Police Department has a Motorcycle Auxiliary Unit.  There is one Sergeant and one Corporal that are assigned to the Motor Unit full-time.  The Motor Auxiliary Unit currently has a mix of Sergeants, Corporals, detectives and officers totaling 40 participants. 

The Motor Auxiliary Unit’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  1.  Presidential /VIP Escorts
  2. Line of Duty Death Escorts
  3. Special Events such as runs, marches and protests
  4. Community events such as static displays at schools and other events

Motor Auxiliary Unit participation in events is limited due to impact on patrol staffing and is based on need and ability to assist. For more information about the APD Motor Auxiliary Unit please contact APD Highway Enforcement Command 512-974-5789 or email