Audio Wild seeks to provide nature preserve visitors with compelling stories that provide a deeper sense of place through an auditory experience tailored to the site.  Audio Wild is a work in progress and new recordings will be added as they are completed.  Audio Wild recordings may provide the listener with a variety of experiences including unique insights into the natural history of the site, interesting facts about plants or animals in the area, or stories recounting the history of the site. Click an audio file link below to hear more.

Audio Files

Red Bluff

Austinite and community advocate, Pete Rivera, recounts his experiences growing up near “the red bluff” and his neighborhood’s work to ensure its conservation.  Mr. Rivera knows Red Bluff would not have become a park and nature preserve without community support. 

Colorado River Wildlife Sanctuary

Since the beginning of time, humans have been connected to water.  This is why many people come to walk along the banks of the Colorado River.  This river has seen a lot over the years, and we haven't always been the best dance partners.  But, as we learn to better care for this river, perhaps, we can both enjoy a brighter future.