The Open Government / Ethics and Compliance division provides legal advice and ethics training to City employees, boards and commissions, and elected officials. 

Intended to serve educational purposes, the division does not conduct investigations nor give advice to members of the public.  Depending on the matter, the Auditor's Office or the Human Resources Department handles investigative and disciplinary action.

Caroline Webster, Division Chief

Caroline Webster is currently the division chief of the Open Government / Ethics and Compliance division.


City Attorney's Open Government, Ethics & Compliance Team

The Open Government, Ethics & Compliance (E&C) Team addresses questions and requests for training submitted by City officials, boards and commissions members, departments, or employees.

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                                     ETHICS & COMPLIANCE RESOURCES

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Open Government Resources

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Rules & Policy Resources

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Email for the Ethics & Compliance Team

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Link for Employees to view Ethics Resources & Training

City Auditor's Integrity Unit

The City Auditor's Integrity Unit (CAIU) has investigatory authority of fraud, waste, and abuse violations by City employees and contractors. 

Reports of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse made to the CAIU can be anonymous:

Every effort is made to accommodate Spanish speakers.  Please let us know if you prefer materials in Spanish.