The Parque Zaragoza Recreation Center project will focus on the restoration of the existing masonry building to support the existing pool facility and the Parks and Recreation Aquatic Division's needs. The existing building currently includes gender-specific restrooms and enclosed recreational and office spaces. This project is in the construction phase. City Council District 3 


The Aquatic Division of the Park and Recreation Department (PARD) seeks to renovate the historic structure to enhance and improve the aquatic experience at Parque Zaragoza and to supplement available resources for the training and development of staff.

In 1931, the City of Austin purchased 9.3 acres bisected by Boggy Creek on the eastern edge of the city from W.S. Benson to establish Zaragosa Park. Intended as a segregated resource for the quickly growing community of Mexican immigrants, the new park quickly emerged as a cultural center for the entire region. Following the land purchase, business and civic leaders in the Mexican American community established the Zaragosa Park Board to organize activities, celebrations, and maintenance of their park. The first members of the board were Severino Guerra, Amador Candelas, and Miguel Guerrero.

In 1941, residents of the neighborhood, organized by the National Youth Administration, a New Deal agency, built a recreation center on the northwest corner of the park. Originally constructed as a bathhouse for the pool built in 1933, the small brick building’s two rooms served as the park’s only indoor facilities for the next 65 years. The Zaragosa Recreation Center Advisory Board, established in 1981, petitioned the city for a new recreation center to serve the community’s needs, but it did not become a reality until 1996.

In 1988, PARD changed the name of the park from Zaragosa Park to Parque Zaragoza to reflect the proper spelling of General Zaragoza’s last name.

Zaragoza Recreation Center and bathhouse under construction

Project Description

The project scope for the Zaragoza Bathhouse will renovate the interior of the existing bathhouse to provide restroom and shower facilities, including a dedicated entry to the pool facility. Renovations include gender-specific restrooms and a lifeguard office space. The large recreation space will remain as an open pavilion with large doorway openings allowing potential access to the space from the park and open airflow during the pool season. When the large doorways are closed, during the colder periods of the year, the space will be used for lifeguard training. A conditioned lifeguard room will be provided for safety, lifeguard, and aquatic administration use. In addition, two large shade structures will be provided poolside to provide additional shade for pool users. All improvements will be ADA compliant, and the project will comply with LEED v4 IDC to obtain a "Certified" LEED classification. The project will also participate in the City of Austin Arts in Public Places (AIPP) program. 

Anticipated Schedule

Please note that as in any construction project, schedules are projected as accurately as possible. All dates are subject to change due to the nature of construction and the weather.

  • August 2021: Notice to Proceed issued to design consultant Limbacher Godfrey
  • Summer 2021: Preliminary Design and Schematic Design (Complete)
  • Spring 2022: Design Development and Construction Documents (Complete)
  • Winter 2022: Permitting and Bidding (Complete)
    • Council approved on consent the authorization to execute a construction contract to the lowest compliant bidder on Dec. 14, 2023.
  • Winter 2024: Construction Start (Ongoing)
    • Began Feb. 2024
  • Fall 2024: Construction Complete
    • Estimated Dec. 2024

Community Engagement

Project information and updates will be provided through the Parks and Recreation project website.

Funding and Resources

The renovation of the Parque Zaragoza Bathhouse is funded by the 2012 and 2018 Park and Recreation Bond Funds.

Contact Information

For additional project information, contact Reynaldo Hernandez by email or by phone at 512-974-9464.