Non-profit organizations, conservancies, community groups and businesses are invited and encouraged to partner with the Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) to enhance and improve parks, increase recreational and cultural opportunities and preserve natural areas in Austin.

At Austin Parks and Recreation we are committed to partnerships that align with our overall mission, vision, values, and provide benefit to the public and the Austin parks system. We actively seek partnerships with non-profit organizations, conservancies and businesses for park development, maintenance, management and programming.

Partnership Goals

  • Enhance and expand public use of Parks’ grounds and facilities
  • Encourage active recreation and healthy lifestyles
  • Improve environmental stewardship through public participation and education
  • Celebrate arts, culture, and history to build community
  • Maximize public benefit at minimum taxpayer cost

Types of Partnerships

There are many different types of partnerships:

  • Neighborhood/Community partnerships - Neighborhood, Community and "Friends of" groups that serve as advocates and stewards for their local park or facility
  • Non-profit/Conservancy partnerships - non-profits and conservancies that are mission aligned with PARD and dedicated to a particular  park or facility, or specific types of amenities  or programs throughout the parks system.
  • Business partnerships - Corporations and local businesses that provide a wide range of activities including: park improvements, maintenance and management; programs and services; and donations and sponsorships.

PARKnership Examples

PARD has over 135 partners. Check out the Community PARKnerships Annual Report to learn more!


The list below categorizes existing partnerships according to their focus areas.

  • Park/Facility Operations and Management
  • Park Development, Maintenance and Activation
  • Arts and culture
  • Active Recreation & Healthy Lifestyles
  • Education
  • Cities Connecting Children to Nature

Successful Partnerships

In 2021 our non-profit partners invested nearly $14 million in park improvements in the Austin Parks System and provided high quality programs. We could not do what we do at Parks and Recreation without the active support of our nonprofit partners and conservancies. Here are a few of the key organizations that support our mission:

This image is a collage of the logos of PARD PARKners.