Quality of Life initiatives involves evaluation and community engagement, with the goal of improving conditions for Austin's African American, Asian and Hispanic populations.

African-American Quality of Life

The African American Quality of Life Initiative began as the City of Austin assessed the conditions and sentiment of the City’s African American community through a series of community discussions and presentations to City Council. Learn more.

Hispanic Quality of Life

The Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Initiative is a multi-phased process that includes demographic research, trend and data analysis, community engagement and input and oversight team review culminating in a final recommendations report. Learn more.

Asian American Quality of Life

The Asian American Quality of Life Initiative seeks to improve the quality of life of Asian American residents living in Austin. Learn more.

LGBTQIA+ Quality of Life

he LGBTQIA+ Quality of Life study began from the City of Austin's LGBTQ Resource Advisory Commission. Founded in 2013*, this Commission is appointed by City Council and charged with advising the City on matters impacting the LGBTQIA+ communities in Austin. Learn more.