Slacklining is the sport of walking a small, flat nylon rope between two anchor points.  The most common anchor points for slackline ropes are between two trees.  

Guidelines at a Glance

Guidelines illustration for Slacklining

Austin Parks and Recreation no longer requires permits for slacklining and hammocks.  Please ensure to follow all safety precautions for yourself and our trees, by using protective material for slacklines, and tree friendly straps for hammocks.

Approved Access Areas

(may not slackline in areas with intended uses – i.e., basketball courts, kids playscape, parking lots, tennis courts, or similar)

Set Up Areas:

  1. 25 ‘ or more from trails, bridges, etc.
  2. May not block access for public usage
  3. Clear flat landing zone
  4. 15 people or less on site at the slackline
  5. Not for public or organized events, leagues, fundraisers, etc.  (Event permits required)
  6. Approved locations only
  7. Not at a special event, except by written permission from Organizer (who has a PARD event permit).
  8. May not penetrate tree
  9. Not on heritage trees

Leave No Trace