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Frequently Asked Questions

Claims Payments and Information

Do I need an appointment to make a payment or discuss my account in person?

You can contact us easily by email or phone. To better assist customers with payments, account information and associated paperwork, please email us with your contact information, questions and preferred method of contact (return phone call or email) at or call us at 512-974-2910. Payments are accepted via USPS mail to our mailing address.

Mailing address: City of Austin-Claims Division, P.O. Box 96, Austin, TX 78767.

How can I make a payment?

Forms of payment accepted by the Claims Division include check, cashier’s check or money order.  Sorry, no credit card payments accepted.  For payment of returned checks, we are NOT able to accept payment by check. Payments may be mailed to our mailing address.

Mailing Address: City of Austin-Claims Division, P.O. Box 96, Austin TX 78767

How do I dispute a claims billing the City has sent me?

If you believe that you were billed in error or that you are not liable for the damages presented in our claim against you, please put your concerns in writing and submit to the Claims Division within 30 days from the date of the letter/invoice.  To expedite the review of your correspondence, please provide the following information in your dispute:  claims file number, address where damage occurred, date damage occurred, description of the loss and how it occurred, your reason(s) why you are disputing the billing and any other photos, invoices, or reports that support your rationale.  Your written response may be sent by regular mail or email to the following addresses:

Mailing Address: City of Austin-Claims Division, P.O. Box 96 Austin TX 78767-0096 Email: 

How do I file a claim against the City?

If you feel the City has caused damage to your property or person, you can file a claim by sending a letter within 45 days from the date of the incident with the following information: Date, time, and location of the incident, description of what occurred, type of damage(s) or nature of injury, copies of invoices, receipts, and/or estimates, any additional documents supporting your claim (i.e., photos, diagrams, statements, police reports, etc.) and a full mailing address and daytime telephone number.  You may mail or fax the following information to:

City of Austin Law Department  Attn: Claims P.O. Box 1546 Austin TX 78767-1546 or Fax (512) 974-6490

How do I obtain the current balance due for my account or obtain a payoff for a judgment lien?

You may contact our office directly at (512) 974-2828, 512-974-2909 or email to obtain a current balance or a payoff for a judgment lien. When you contact us, please be able to provide the following information: Claims File Number, recorded document filing number, defendant name, judgment amount, and a contact phone number.

What are your office hours and where are you located?

Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Staff is available to assist you by phone or email during these hours.

Financial Advocacy Resources

Does the ordinance limit the interest or fees that business can charge?

No. The City ordinance does not limit the fees or interest that the payday lender or auto title lender can charge.

How can I obtain more information?

Contact the City of Austin at: CABCommunications or contact City staff at 512.974.2466.

How does the ordinance protect consumers?

Credit Access Businesses, more commonly known as payday and auto title lenders, operating within the City of Austin must follow certain requirements in how they structure their loans. To see a complete list of the requirements, please visit the Consumer Resources (link) page or see the whole ordinance.

What if my lender violates the ordinance?

The City of Austin will investigate complaints and will determine if a violation has occurred. If a business violates the ordinance the business may be given an opportunity to correct the noncompliance or the business may be required to pay a Municipal Court. Violations of the ordinance constitute a Class C Misdemeanor violation.

What types of businesses are covered by the ordinance?

Businesses that offer payday loans and auto title loans.

What types of loans are covered?

The auto title loans and payday loans. A title loan is secured using a clear vehicle title. A payday loan is a cash advance that may be made in exchange for a personal check or authorization to debit a deposit account and the amount of the check or authorized debit, equals the amount of the advance plus a fee.

Grant for Technology Opportunities Program

Can one organization apply for more than one GTOPs grant?

Yes, however the City is interested in awarding a diverse range of programs and organizations.

How can individuals apply for GTOPs grants?

Applications can be downloaded on-line at or picked up at the City of Austin Office of Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs, 124 West 8th Street, Suite 210.

If I am awarded a grant, how do I receive the money?

Payment of the grant is made on a reimbursement basis. Grantees will track and report expenses and program success to City via an online grant management portal.

What types of support letters should be included in application?

The best are letters of financial support (matching funds), letters pledging volunteer staffing and services or donating equipment or supplies. General letters of support should explain precisely why the organization is qualified to develop the project.

Who is eligible for GTOP grants?

A recognized non-profit organization such as a Neighborhood-Based organization or an Austin non-profit organization. Individuals must partner with an Austin or Neighborhood-based Organization to qualify. Grants are awarded to the non-profit organization, not directly to individuals.