The Vehicular Homicide Unit’s job is to investigate the scenes of crashes that have fatal or life threatening injuries, in order to determine if something criminal occurred. The Unit uses extensive training in crash reconstruction, computerized mapping and animation, and on-board data recorders in order to accomplish this.

The Vehicular Homicide Unit was created to conduct follow-up investigations and file criminal charges on traffic related incidents such as fatality, serious injury, and leaving the scene collisions within the City of Austin.  Additionally, the Vehicular Homicide Unit investigates traffic violations such as driving while license invalid, driving while intoxicated and vehicular evading in which the suspect(s) were not apprehended.  Since its inception, the Vehicular Homicide Unit has served as the official “keeper” of all traffic related statistics.

VHU Drone Report TX GOVT CODE 423.008 Compliance Report

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