Get Guidance and Assistance During Covid-19

If you are experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of becoming homeless, the City is here to help you during this public health crisis.

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Access Resources

Homelessness services operations have been altered during the pandemic. Find out how your normal providers are operating and learn about new ways you can get help during this time.

If you are a provider, you can also get assistance in helping the homeless community.

Stay Safe

The symptoms of COVID-19 include cough, fever, and shortness of breath. If you are sick or have been around someone who is sick, the City has set up locations where you can recover or avoid spreading the virus to others. Call 512-978-8775 to start the process of connecting to these resources. You can also call the nurse line at 512-972-5560 for advice and testing information. For general information about Covid-19 in Austin, check out the City’s dedicated webpage. Please continue to check back to this site. It is updated frequently with new information and resources.

Find Safety Net Resources

If you are at risk of becoming homeless, there are Safety Net Resources to help you stay housed and meet other immediate needs.

Public Space Management During COVID-19

During COVID-19 the City of Austin is following Centers for Disease Control guidelines to allow people who are living unsheltered, or in encampments, to remain where they are at this time, to minimize community spread of the disease and maximize access to services. Individuals who are violating applicable laws that lead to the erosion of public health and safety, or are in unsafe areas may be asked to relocate. When individuals are asked to relocate, the City will make efforts to ensure that they are offered and connected to appropriate services.

More About Homelessness in Austin

The Austin Homelessness Dashboard is an informational resource on the issue of homelessness in Austin. The data visualizations featured are created by the City of Austin. The data is gathered by Austin’s Continuum of Care, led by the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO).

To view the full set of data, visit

Helpful homelessness terminology.

Read the City Council ordinances related to homelessness.

Learn more about homelessness.