Residents of Austin whose finances have been impacted by COVID-19 may find the following housing resources helpful. Our department has various financial assistance programs including RENT, Mortgage Assistance, and Utility Assistance to help homeowners and renters during the pandemic. 

This information is updated as of April 2022.
City actions taken to address eviction during COVID-19

 In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Steve Adler issued Order No. 20211015-035(PDF) that prohibits landlords from issuing notices to vacate except in certain circumstances. This order expires on December 31, 2021. 

Beginning September 1, 2021, a landlord may issue a tenant a notice to vacate if the tenant owes three or more months of rent and certain other conditions are met.  

If you are a landlord and wish to issue a notice to vacate to a tenant that is three (3) or more months in arrears of rent payment, complete and submit the Eviction Prevention Application (PDF) to serve as documentation required by the mayoral order. Additionally, a landlord must complete the Verification of Compliance that is attached to the Mayor’s Order.  

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Do you need financial help with rent during the pandemic?

The Relief of Emergency Needs for Tenants (RENT) Assistance Program provides up to 18 months of full rent payment for income-eligible Austin renters who experienced a COVID-19-related income loss. Learn more at RENT (Web)

The RENT program has disbursed all currently available funding. The application portal is now closed. Please sign up here (Web) to be notified should additional funding become available.   

In the meantime, you may want to contact Texas 2-1-1. It is a free, anonymous social service hotline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Texas 2-1-1 (Web) is a program of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Call 2-1-1, or (877) 541-7905 or go to

Are you a homeowner and need financial help during the pandemic?

Austin Is My Home (Web) is a resource for homeowners looking for no-cost home repair, tax relief, and advisors.

Do you need financial assistance for utilities?

Emergency financial assistance is available for City of Austin utility (Austin Water & Austin Energy) customers.

Residential customers experiencing financial hardships as well as those impacted by COVID-19 can receive Utility Bill Relief (Web).

Have you been evicted or are at risk for homelessness?

Visit Homelessness Service (Web) for more information. 

Temporary Shelter/ Quarantine for those testing COVID-19 Postive (Web)
Austin and Travis County have established an Isolation Facility, which provides free lodging and services for those that do not have the ability to safely self-isolate due to COVID-19. For more information, go to Austin-Travis County Isolation Facility (Web).

Austin has several community organizations that assist persons experiencing homelessness.  Austin Public Health Homeless Assistance (APH) (Web) manages partnerships and provides funding to social service providers to serve homeless individuals and families with outreach and navigation, emergency shelter services, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing, homelessness prevention, and planning with the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (Web).

The first step to access services is to complete a Coordinated Entry Survey (Web), which helps you find housing by identifying, assessing your current housing situation, and connecting you to housing support services and a case manager to help you find housing.

Especially as we confront the COVID-19 health crisis, please keep in mind that completing the housing assessment does not guarantee housing, nor does it serve as a housing waitlist or a housing application.  There is no fixed timeline of when an agency may contact you for housing, but it will keep searching for a program until a housing opportunity is identified, or an application is withdrawn. 

Emergency Shelter Providers


Phone Number

Additional Information

SAFE Alliance (Web)

(512) 267-7233

For individuals fleeing domestic abuse. Call or text for more info.

Salvation Army Downtown (Web)

(512) 476-1111
(512) 634-5926 (families)

To get family on waitlist call number. 

The Salvation Army (Web)

(512) 933-0600

For women and children only. Register for waitlist or request more information

Casa Marianella (Web)
Posada Esperanza-Families (Web)

(512) 385-5571

Shelter for refugees and immigrants.

ARCH/Front Steps (Web)

(512) 305-4100

Lottery occurs for men every day at 6 PM.

PORT (Web) 

(512) 735-2400

Youth only.

Lifeworks (Web)

(512) 735-2100

For youth and teens.

Foundation for the Homeless (Web)

(512) 453-6570

For families. 

Veterans Administration (Web)

(512) 635-2769

Veterans only.

Esta información se actualiza a partir de abril de 2022.
Acciones de la ciudad tomadas para abordar el desalojo durante COVID-19

En respuesta a la pandemia del COVID-19, el Alcalde Steve Adler emitió la Orden Nro. 20211015-035(PDF) que les prohibía a los propietarios entregar avisos de desalojo salvo en determinadas circunstancias. Esta orden caduca el 31 de deciembre de 2021.

A partir del 1 de septiembre de 2021, un propietario puede entregar un aviso de desalojo si el inquilino adeuda tres o más meses de alquiler y se reúnen otras determinadas condiciones.  

Si usted es propietario y desea entregar un aviso de desalojo a un inquilino que debe tres (3) o más meses de pagos de alquiler, complete y envíe la Solicitud para prevención del desalojo que servirá como la documentación requerida por la orden del alcalde. Además, un propietario debe completar la Verificación de cumplimiento que se adjunta a la Orden del Alcalde. 

¿Necesita ayuda financiera con el alquiler durante la pandemia?

El programa RENT ha desembolsado todos los fondos disponibles actualmente. El portal para presentar aplicaciones está cerrado. Inscríbase aquí para ser notificado en caso de que se disponga de financiación adicional.    

Mientras tanto, puede ponerse en contacto con Texas 2-1-1. Es una línea telefónica de servicio social gratuita y anónima, disponible las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, los 365 días del año. Texas 2-1-1 es un programa de la Comisión de Salud y Servicios Humanos de Texas.

Llame al 2-1-1 o al (877) 541-7905 o visite