Our Youth Services Unit is committed to helping young people ages 10-16 resolve their court cases. Here’s what you can expect if you are a juvenile charged with a Class C misdemeanor in Austin, such as a traffic citation or other violations of State law.

Class C misdemeanors are fine-only offenses, there is no associated jail time. If you are given a citation for a Class C misdemeanor you will:

  1. Fill out a form with your personal information.
  2. See a judge who will explain your rights.
  3. See a prosecutor who will go through your options with you.
  4. See the judge again for sentencing or to start the trial process.
  5. If you chose a deferral, you will be required to complete the terms of the deferral.

Juvenile deferrals are optional and won’t cost you any more than your citation unless you have to pay for a particular class. They vary and will be offered by the prosecutor based on your charge and criminal history. Juvenile deferrals are an agreement between you and the court where if you complete certain terms the charges will not appear on your criminal record. Deferral terms have to be completed within an established window of 180 days and can include things like:

  • Classes
  • Community service
  • Tutoring