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Caminos Teen Leadership Program

CAMINOS is an immersive; one year long paid internship empowering Austin-area Teens to carve their own path in the creative arts. Students work alongside ESB-MACC professionals on a variety of community oriented activities which include:

-Support and leadership at ESB-MACC’s signature events and festivals;

-Curation and execution of Youth Art exhibits for the community at large;

-Production of relevant public artworks aligned with the ESB-MACC’s mission;

-Public Outreach for the ESB-MACC at youth conferences; conventions and community events

The students from the ESB-MACC teen leadership program are often called "Caminantes" meaning those who walk the path.

The Caminantes meet most Saturdays of the year at various locations inclusing the Austin Central Library. To apply and be accepted into the program, they undergo a rigorous application process and represent a diverse spectrum of schools and geographic areas of Austin, Texas. They are high-schoolers passionate about pursuing a creative career that can make a palpable difference in their communities. They are also very curious about learning more about Latin American and Indigenous cultures in the Americas and sincerely want to serve other teens by creating content and events that are relevant and enriching. In so doing, they become Ambassadors of Latinx culture in Austin while receiving precious professional development and empowerment along the way.

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