Region III Community Liaison, Sharon Cannon is tasked with assisting to bridge the gap between the Austin Police Department and the African American community. In addition, she assists with the implementation of community programs, planning events and meetings with the community and with the Austin Police Department’s officers, city departments, other law enforcement agencies, neighborhoods, businesses, churches and schools to help make Austin a safer and equitable place to live by building a positive, trusting and lasting relationships. 

Some of the areas of responsibility to the community are :

  • Linking the African American community with the appropriate Austin Police Department Areas of Command and District Representatives when needed
  • Referrals to other agencies or Health and Human services departments as needed
  • Attends neighborhood meetings and provide information from the Austin Police Department or receive information to give to officers as requested
  • Help to attain police presence at various functions
  • Attend and speak (or obtain Police officers to speak) to citizens regarding crime or other issues within the community   
  • Providing resources for the elderly, the youth and those with mental health challenges
  • Assist students with obtaining places that they can volunteer within the Austin Police Department
  • Collaborating in programs and events that bring awareness to the citizens regarding relevant issues facing their community
  • Works with the Police Activities League (P.A.L) I.C.A.R.E Summer Youth Program each year providing classes and activities to prevent and combat juvenile delinquency.  This program is designed to support youth, that may not otherwise have the opportunity, by offering them a safe place to gather and enjoy educational and social benefits as well as athletic opportunities.
  • Provides crime prevention resources and home and business security surveys as requested