Any applicant wanting an Alcoholic Beverage Permit processed by the City of Austin must:

Contact the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission at (512) 206-3333 — to obtain a pre-qualification packet or download the forms from the TABC website.

Call the Office of the City Clerk at (512) 974-2210 to obtain a tracking number.  Applicant must provide the following information:

  •  address or location of business
  •  name of business
  •  first and last name of applicant
  •  first and last name of contact
  •  contact number or e-mail address for the applicant, and
  •  the license type(s) requested.

When the zoning is approved,  the Office of the City Clerk will receive notification from the zoning department, and our office will call to notify you. Upon notification, bring the application to the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, Suite 2030, 301 West 2nd Street, for signature by the City Clerk or her designee.  Signatures may be obtained Monday-Friday, 8 to 11:30 a.m. or 1:30 to 5 p.m. It is best to call before coming to ensure someone is available to sign (512-974-2210).

To lawfully operate, TABC approval of an application for an alcoholic beverages permit or license is required.  Besides the TABC license or permit, additional approvals may be required from the City of Austin, including but not limited to:  

  • If the business is classified as Group A Occupancy (bar, night club or restaurant) and sales are 51% alcohol, a Public Assembly Permit will be required.  Contact the Austin Fire Department at (512) 974-0160 for more information. 
  • A business must have a current, valid Permit to Operate a Food Enterprise prior to opening a bar or other food business in Austin.  Contact the Health and Human Services Department, 1520 Rutherford Lane, Bldg. 1, East Entrance, Austin, TX 78754; phone (512) 978-0300; fax (512) 978-0322, to obtain application information and instructions for new businesses or for changing ownership of existing establishments.
  • Applicants must complete the APD Liquor License Information Form and send it to the Alcohol Control Team, The Austin Police Department conducts background checks on all applicants. 
  • A certificate of occupancy is required in order to lawfully occupy, use or change the use of a structure.