HISTORY. At the request of downtown property owners, the Austin Downtown Public Improvement District (DPID) was created in 1993 and reauthorized by City Council in 1997, 2002, 2007 and 2012. On June 9, 2022, Council approved Resolution No. 20220609-81, which authorizes DPID with new boundaries from 2022-2032.  

ASSESSMENT RATE AND PROPERTY ROLL. DPID costs are based on a proposed assessment rate of a maximum of $.0925 per $100 on the value of the real property improvements above $500,000 as determined by the Travis County Appraisal District. Property used as hospitals, schools, religious organizations, charitable nonprofits, public facilities, or homesteads will continue to be exempt from assessment. The City of Austin contributes $360,000 annually as a payment in lieu of assessment for city-owned downtown properties; therefore, the apportionment of costs falls primarily to property owners’ assessments. The PID will not incur bond indebtedness.  

DPID MANAGEMENT:  The City contracts with the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) to manage the DPID.  On February 23, 2023, Council authorized staff to execute a Management Agreement with DAA from 2023-28 with funding of more than $79 million. Additional information, including DAA’s five-year spending plan is under agenda item 10.


The current DPID fiscal year began May 1,2023 and ends April 30, 2024. The current DPID ordinance and property roll is ORDINANCE NO. 20220728-112.

The initial DAA Service Plan and Budget totaling $10,860,023  was adopted in ORDINANCE NO. 20220728-009 and included in the City of Austin budget. On August 18, 2022


Each year, City Council must take action on DPID’s assessment rate and property roll and DAA’s Service and Assessment Plan. The schedule is:

  • On June 8, 2023
    • Item #73 – Approved an ordinance setting the assessment rate and proposed 2024 property roll for DPID
    • Item 86 - Set a public hearing for July 20, 2023 to take public comment on DPID  2024 proposed assessments


DPID Authorization, 2022-32  

  • Following requirements of Chapter 372 of Texas Local Government Code, the DPID was authorized by Austin City Council on June 9, 2022.  The process began with a petition from 229 downtown property owners whose parcels had a taxable value of 51% of the total taxable value of the new DPID.  The petitions sought to authorize the DPID for ten years, instead of a minimum of five years under City rules, and to make significant changes to the DPID boundaries.  The City Clerk certified the petitions met State law.   .  Given the impact of DPID, additional opportunities for stakeholder and public input were provided at the:  South Central Waterfront Advisory Board’s  May 16, 2022 meeting 


The City Council conducted a public hearing on June 9, 2022 and approved Resolution No. 20220609-81, authorizing  DPID from 2022-2032.  Notices of the public hearing was published in the Austin American Statesman and mailed to all DPID property owners 15 days prior to the hearing, as required by State law.