Austin is one of 10 cities selected for the Big Jump Project, a 2017-2020 initiative of the national organization PeopleforBikes. Austin is working with PeopleforBikes and nine peer cities across the country in order to achieve a “big jump” in the number of people traveling by bicycle in the city’s central core. The project’s ambitious goal is to double bicycle ridership in three years in Central Austin and make travel by bicycle an even more viable transportation option while expanding the many community benefits that biking brings.

For more information, download the Big Jump FAQ sheet (PDF).

Strategy and Community Involvement

To bike, people need to feel comfortable and safe – so Austin is actively building out a complete network of connected bikeways (both on-street and off-road trails) that allows people to bike safely, comfortably, and conveniently. At the same time, the City and local partners are providing education and encouragement programs.

For information about current bikeway improvements, see our Projects page. For information about education and encouragement, see our Bicycle Program page.

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Focus Area

The geographic boundaries of the Big Jump Focus Area are roughly 51st Street (N), Springdale Road (E), Oltorf Street (S) and MoPac (W).

Map of Big Jump focus area,