Board of Adjustment & Sign Review Board

The City of Austin Board of Adjustment (BOA) hears and decides on requests for variances (or modifications) of  Zoning site development regulations, off-street parking requirements, and sign regulations, as well as hears and decides appeals of administrative actions under Chapter 25-2 (Zoning) in the City of Austin Land Development Code. The BOA consists of members appointed by the Austin City Council. For more information visit the Board of Adjustment web page.

BOA Variances

A variance may be granted if, because of special circumstances of a property, the strict application of the City of Austin Land Development Code regulations deprives the property owner of privileges that are enjoyed by another person who owns property in the area that has the same zoning designation as the property for which the variance is requested. A variance to a regulation may not grant special privileges that are inconsistent with the limitations on other properties in the area or in the district in which the property is located. All variances expire one year after approval date per City Code Section 25-1-217 unless Board decision states otherwise.


Development Services Department (DSD) staff provide support for the variance process and operation of the BOA.

Board of Adjustment Staff Liaison

For assistance and guidance with the variance application process, or for information regarding the status of a pending case contact: Elaine Ramirez | 512-974-2202

Board of Adjustment Support

For questions regarding submittal deadlines, status of active variance requests or final Board decisions on cases recently heard by the Board contact: Diana Ramirez | 512-974-2241


30-minute appointments between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm are available to answer questions related to the Board of Adjustment variance process; seek assistance with filing a variance request, or answer questions from interested parties regarding variance requests in progress.

Expected Available Times: 30 minutes  

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Application for Board of Adjustment (BOA) General/Parking Variance Request

Application for Board of Adjustment (BOA) Sign Variance Request

Application for Board of Adjustment (BOA) Interpretation Application/Appeal Request

Board of Adjustment Bylaws 2022

Board of Adjustment Rules of Procedure