Cemetery Operations Office

The dedicated Cemetery Operations administrative staff is available to help customers with a variety of needs relating to interments, pre-planning, monument setting, maintenance, and lot improvements. Cemetery Operations offices are based out of the 1928 historic caretaker’s cottage at Austin Memorial Park. Please visit our office, email us at cemeteries@austintexas.gov, or call us at (512) 978-2320 with any questions or requests.

Cemetery FAQs

Cemetery Operations has prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to operations at City of Austin Cemeteries. Feel free to contact Cemetery Operations at 512-978-2320 or cemeteries@austintexas.gov with any additional questions.

2019 Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Locating a Grave

Cemetery Operations is available to assist with locating graves within the City’s managed cemeteries. Please contact the Cemetery Operations office for additional information.

Cemetery Tours

Tours of COA Cemeteries are available by arrangement with Cemetery Operations. If you're interested in scheduling a tour contact Cemetery Operations at (512) 978-2320 or programs_conservation@austintexas.gov

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities are ever changing so, if you are interested in volunteering with the COA Cemeteries, please contact Cemetery Operations at (512) 978-2320 or programs_conservation@austintexas.gov

Maintenance Requests

Cemetery Operations Maintenance cares for a complex natural and built landscape that consists of 200+ acres of cemetery grounds, more than 80,000 burials, and five historic buildings located across the City of Austin. Maintenance opens the gates of each municipal cemetery from 7 am to 7 pm, 365 days per year. If you would like to make a maintenance request, please contact Cemetery Operations.

Cemetery Lot Improvements

City of Austin Cemeteries are valued cultural and historic resources with monuments commemorating the graves which they mark. There are thousands of monuments dating from the mid-1800s to the present on cemetery grounds. These monuments are made from materials such as marble, granite, limestone, concrete, brick, metal, and wood. Due to natural weathering over time, monuments may require maintenance or repair.

Cemetery Operations strives to maintain these resources for future generations in a respectful and responsible manner. If you are interested in improving a cemetery space or lot on City of Austin cemetery grounds, please contact Cemetery Operations to begin the Cemetery Lot Improvement process.

Cemetery improvements include any work done at a cemetery lot or space. Work may include activities such as:

  • Cleaning, repair, or restoration
  • Landscaping and grounds enhancement
  • Vase installation

If your improvement project does not fit into an above category, please contact Cemetery Operations. Any work performed on City of Austin cemetery grounds is subject to City of Austin Cemeteries Rules & Regulations, PARD policies, and applicable City and State laws and regulations.

Wildflower Meadow at Austin Memorial Park Cemetery

If you are interested in what is growing out in the Wildflower Meadow located at 2800 Hancock within the boundaries of Austin Memorial Park Cemetery, you can find information on the Wildflower Meadow webpage

Genealogical Research

City of Austin has several resources available for conducting genealogical research. These include: