Arts and culture mean business in Austin! According to a study conducted in 2012, the City's creative industries generate $4.3 Billion in economic activity, $71 Million in City tax revenue, and 49,000 jobs. Additionally, Austin's creativity fuels the economy by attracting new businesses and residents to our city and remains an integral part of Austin’s vitality, livability, and cultural identity.

Through ongoing cultural policy research and community reports, the Cultural Arts Division strives to support cultural development in Austin and ensure that Austin’s culture of creativity continues to be a significant player in Austin’s development.


See reports below for an expanded look at the impact of the creative sector in Austin.

Creative Sector Industry Development

Music & Creative Ecosystem Stabilization Recommendations (2016)

Building Austin’s Creative Capacity - Needs Assessment

The Fashion & Apparel Industries in Austin Current Impact and Opportunities (2014)

Austin Music Census

Austin Music Economic Impact (2016)

Cultural Planning

Thriving in Place: Supporting Austin's Cultural Vitality Through Place-Based Economic Development (2018)

Creative Economy Priority Program- Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan (ongoing)

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV- Austin Report (2012)

The Economic Impact of the Creative Sector in Austin- 2012 Update

CreateAustin Cultural Master Plan (2008)

Cultural Facilities Development

CAMP: Cultural Asset Mapping Project (2017)

ThinkEAST Community Vision & Master Plan (2016)

Artspace Market Survey Report (2013)

Artspace Preliminary Feasibility Report (2010)

Public Art Plans, Art in Public Places

ABIA Airport Public Art Master Plan (2017)

Public Art Action Plan for the Holly Shores Master Plan area (2013)

Recommendations for Public Art for the East 7th Street Corridor Project (2004)

Public Art Plan for Second Street (2006)

Approaches to Public Art for Town Lake Park (2003)