CreateAustin is a community cultural plan - for and by Austin, Texas.

The CreateAustin Cultural Master Plan is the result of a two-year process of community engagement undertaken to chart a course for Austin’s cultural development over the next ten years in order to invigorate Austin’s “culture of creativity” and to sustain the City as a magnet for arts, culture, and creativity.

The following downloadable CreateAustin Plan documents offer a description of the process; the community and City’s purpose, values, and vision; recommendations in table format and in an expanded format to include partners, models, and first steps (full plan only); and a list of participants. The recommendations are meant for the whole City to implement – there are some for the community, some for the City, and some to implement in partnership!

Hard copies of either of these Plans, and/or a CD that holds them both plus economic impact studies and other research, can be picked up at the Cultural Arts Division offices at 201 East 2nd Street.

If you are interested in getting involved, or you or your organization would like to implement one of the strategies, please contact Janet Seibert. Put CreateAustin in the subject line and tell her your area of interest.

Executive Summary

CreateAustin Cultural Master Plan Executive Summary (40 pages, PDF)

I. Preface: Purpose, Values, and Vision

II. The CreateAustin Process

III. Principal Recommendations

IV. Recommendations Table

V. Next Steps

VI. Appendices

Full Plan Document

CreateAustin Cultural Master Plan (82 pages, PDF)

I. Preface: Purpose, Values, and Vision

II. Executive Summary

III. Introduction

IV. Plan Recommendations

V. Recommendations Table

VI. Next Steps

VII. Appendices

Consultant's Report

The CreateAustin Cultural Master Plan Consultant's Report is the product of the Metropolitan Group with Bill Bulick as lead consultant and primary author and Greenlights for Nonprofit Success as subconsultants.

Consultant’s Report (94 pages, PDF)

April 2008 Consultant's Report by Bill Bulick