API methods

For further information regarding the Open311 specifications, please visit http://wiki.open311.org/GeoReport_v2.

Service Request Meta Data

Methods that expose data related to how service requests will be exposed in the API.

Method Description
GET Service List Provide a list of acceptable Austin 3-1-1 service request types and their associated service codes.
GET Service Definition Define attributes associated with a service code.

Service Requests

Methods that allow for reading and writing of service requests to the City customer service request system.

Method Description
GET Service Request Query the current status of an individual service request.
GET Service Requests Query the current status of multiple service requests.
POST Service Request Create a service request in the City's customer service request database.
GET Service Request ID from a Token Get the service request ID (also known as service request number) from a token. Once a service request has been processed by the City (this can take an undetermined amount of time), you should be able to call the GET Service Request ID from a Token or call GET Service Request using a token to get back the service request ID. Therefore, it is necessary to poll the GET Service Request ID from a Token or GET Service Request method until a service request ID is returned.

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