HISTORY.  The East Sixth Public Improvements District (East Sixth PID) was created in 2004 and reauthorized by City Council in 2009, 2014, and 2019.  The existing East Sixth PID terminates on August 8, 2024, and City Council approval is required for the PID to continue.

ASSESSMENT RATE AND PROPERTY ROLL. The costs are based on a proposed assessment rate of a maximum of $.10 per $100 on the value of the real property improvements above $500,000 as determined by the Travis County Appraisal District.  Property used as hospitals, schools, religious organizations, charitable nonprofits, public facilities, or homesteads will continue to be exempt from assessment.  The apportionment of costs falls primarily to property owners’ assessments.  The PID will not incur bond indebtedness.  

MAP of East Sixth PID

The City contracts with 6ixth Street Austin to manage the services of the district. The current 2023 Service Plan and Budget for $82,028, was approved by ORDINANCE NO. 20220728-011.