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The Education Department at the ESB-MACC is proud to offer ongoing quality cultural arts and education programming for youth and families, listed below. To see our active programs, please visit Education Home

Academia Cuauhtli

Academia Cuauhtli

Saturdays January12th - March 16th

Located at the Emma S. Barrientos, Mexican-American Cultural Center, in the Academia Cuauhtli (Eagle Academy) is a language and culture revitalization project for 4th-grade students from Metz, Perez, Sanchez, Zavala and Houston Elementary Schools from the Austin Independent School District (AISD). Academia Cuauhtli offers instruction in Mexican American Studies and Tejano Studies curriculum. Our Saturday classes are entirely free and taught in Spanish. Taught by AISD master dual language teachers and in the context of a 12-to-1 student-teacher ratio, we envision this curriculum as not only providing the academic support that these children need in preparation for their STAAR exams and academic performance, generally, but also providing enrichment for students that we anticipate will have enduring impacts for them.


Academia Cuauhtli is a collaboration of Nuestro Grupo (a community-based group organized by the Texas Center for Education Policy and the Tejano Monument Curriculum Initiative, both at the University of Texas at Austin and the National Latino Education Research and Policy Project [NLERAP], who is the fiscal agent and national nonprofit organization), the Austin Independent School District, the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department and within it, the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. Academy Cuauhtli is a product of love, effort, and passion from our talented group of collaborators.