Do Your Part To Stay Safe

You can join the Vision Zero movement and make our transportation network safer by trying some of these quick and easy steps:  

  • Reducing your speed is an easy way to increase safety. Try going just five miles per hour slower – it could mean the difference between life or death.
  • Taking an extra second to look for bicyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles ensures everyone can pass through intersections safely.
  • Knowing your options for a safe ride home helps ensure you and your loved ones have the perfect ending to a fun time.
  • Keeping your #HornsUp by putting your phones down and avoiding distractions in the car.

Interested in doing more? Request a Vision Zero Yard Sign to encourage safer driving in your community, and share a copy of the Vision Zero brochure for yourself, your family and your neighbors. You can also explore convenient and affordable commute alternatives by visiting our new GetThereATX website.

Individuals and organizations interested in joining the City of Austin's Vision Zero efforts should email for more information about the Vision Zero Leadership Council (for government entities) or the Vision Zero Alliance (for non-government organizations and individuals).

Vision Zero Network

We are part of a growing coalition of U.S. cities, the Vision Zero Network, committed to eliminating all traffic fatalities, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. For more information, visit