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Caminos Class of 2025 Application:
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Thank you for applying to the ESB-MACC (Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center) Teen Leadership Program, CAMINOS!

If you are a teen who is passionate about pursuing a creative career, have a good work ethic and are excited about the idea of becoming an Ambassador of Latin American art and culture in Austin, Texas, then Caminos is right for you.
In this 10-month long internship, teens ages 16–18 have an opportunity to work alongside our Cultural Arts team while earning $20.80/hour, working on average 6–10 hours per week. 

To apply, you need to submit these documents by midnight on May 30th, 2024:

Online application
Parent/Teacher Recommendation Form
Portfolio- email to 
Note that each form is separate. An application is not complete until you have submitted all three- the application, recommendation, and portfolio.

To find more information about this paid internship opportunity, go to our About Caminos page or simply email with a message titled "Caminos Class of 2025". Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

Applicants will be informed of our first round decision by June 1st.
Applicants will then move forward to our interview panel and be informed of our final decision by August 1st.
In order to be fully accepted into the program, teens must then complete the City of Austin's documentation verification process and New Employee Orientation by the start of the year's session.

The Caminos Class of 2025 is set to start 08/27/2024 and end on 06/10/2025.


teens pose at Blanton Museum Austin

ESB-MACC CAMINOS Teen Leadership Program - How to Apply:

Qualified applicants should:

  • Currently be a High-School Student living in the Austin area.
  • Between the ages 16-18. (Or turning 16 in the year that they apply!)
  • Be interested in exploring careers in the arts/creative industries.
  • Be passionate about their creativity.
  • Demonstrate strong interest in exploring Latinx issues.
  • Have a track record of reliability and strong work ethic.
  • Passionate about enriching the ESB-MACC community.
  • Be able to work legally in the US.


More About Caminos

In the Caminos Teen Leadership Program, teens will learn special skills including:

Paid Internships & Job Experience

Students become paid interns at the ESB-MACC and get to work with outstanding professionals in areas that are relevant to their career path. They will work for 6-8 weekly hours on average earning about $20 per hour. Both interns and professionals will undergo an orientation process and receive guidance from the program coordinator along the way in order to ensure that the internships are both meaningful and productive for all parties involved.

Portfolio Guidance

Having a strong collection of works is essential for any creative professional to move forward in their career. That is why we will be offering portfolio guidance and support so Students can graduate from our program with robust work samples ready to be shared with universities, prospective clients and employers alike.

Collaborative Projects

Students will participate in a series of creative projects alongside accomplished artists which will focus on the promotion and preservation of Latin American culture in our communities. Types of projects include the creation of a graphic novel from A to Z; the making of a Mural, the production and branding of a Latinx Blog/Podcast, collaborations with local filmmakers, musicians and more!

Artist Mentorships

In order for us to improve at our craft there should be an exchange of techniques and ideas with others in our field. When young creatives are able to have this exchange with accomplished artists as mentors, the possibilities for rapid and meaningful growth often become a reality. Our Artist Mentorships are designed to benefit both parties by facilitating productive discourse with the aim of providing meaningful hands-on activities for the Student while the Artist benefits from the added energy, enthusiasm and extra help.