Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) placed throughout the community along with persons trained in CPR & AED use can make a major difference in survival from sudden cardiac arrest.  AEDs are restricted devices by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Texas Administrative Code also regulates ownership and use.  Getting your PAD Program started is fairly easy and ensuring compliance with the basic components of the Texas rules (refer to Texas rules for specific requirements) takes just a little bit of work on the part of the AED owner.  Our Office can help guide you through the PAD Program process if your organization is within the City of Austin or Travis County.  You may also choose to select your own physician medical oversight.

A PAD Program's key components include:

  1. Having Medical Oversight – Provides physician’s authorization for purchase and oversees the quality of the PAD program, 
  2. Ensuring CPR and AED training for those using the AED,
  3. Notifying the local EMS agency of the existence, physical location and type of each AED, and
  4. Having written guidelines and procedures for AED use while also maintaining appropriate records.

If you are interesting in learning more about Medical Oversight through the Austin/Travis County Office of the Medical Director (OMD), please review the City of Austin - Travis County PAD/AED Program and the Medical Oversight Agreement for Community AED / PAD Programs (see links below).  Contact the AED / PAD Program Coordinator with questions -  or (512) 978-0000.  If you then wish to receive Medical Oversight through the OMD, please reach out to the AED / PAD Program Coordinator so that we may obtain additional information from your organization and can guide you through the process.

Links to Program Documents

PAD / AED Program Requirements

PAD Program Template

AED Post Event Notification Form

AED Adverse Event Report Form

Program Medical Oversight Requirements/Agreement Form

City of Austin - AEDs in High Rise Buildings, section 408.12 High Rise Buildings


AED Specifications

Refer to page 4 of the AED Selection & Purchasing Requirements document for AED specifications pertaining to public access defibrillation AEDs. (Complete Medical Advisory)

Registering the AED

All AEDs should be registered with your local emergency services provider.  For AEDs located in the City of Austin and Travis County, you may register your AEDs on-line using this link.


Everyone should know how to give at least chest compression only CPR and use an AED if needed to assist a victim of cardiac arrest.  For more information about the TAKE10 CPR Training Program©,  visit the TAKE10 CPR Program website, call the TAKE10 Program Coordinator at (512) 978-0022 or email