The Regional Stormwater Management Program (RSMP) provides developers with a potential alternative to providing on-site detention ponds. If technical conditions warrant, developers have two options:

  1. Construct conveyance improvements
  2. Make a payment for participation that will be used by the City of Austin for regional flooding solutions specific to the watershed.

In either case, the developer must demonstrate via engineering calculation that no adverse impacts will occur if on-site detention is not provided.

RSMP eligibility is at City staff discretion. On average, about 130 RSMP feasibility meetings are held annually with about 50 applications accepted to either allow a payment to be made or to accept other drainage improvements in lieu of on-site detention. The other cases each year provide on-site detention per code and criteria. Payment and execution of the agreement must occur before the final plat or site plan approval.

To request a feasibility of participation determination from the RSMP Team, send a completed request form to The information provided in the form will be used to make an initial determination about whether a site is feasible for participation in the program.

If a Feasiblity Meeting has already been held, please send a completed RSMP Application Form along with all relevant attachments to the RSMP inbox or with the next formal submittal for a development application. Use the RSMP application instructions, linked below, as a guide.

Due to changes in the Drainage Criteria Manual, small sites may be eligible to participate in the RSMP through a modified process. Section 1.2.2 (G) now provides for small sites that meet certain requirements to participate in the program. For more information, please refer to the Drainage Criteria Manual available online through Municode. Participation through DCM 1.2.2(G) still requires a feasibility determination and meeting prior to submitting a 1.2.2(G) application form.

Questions or comments about the program? Email the RSMP team at

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