Use the Regional Stormwater Management Program (RSMP) Payment Calculator (downloadable Excel spreadsheet and instructions, 57 KB) to estimate the RSMP Payment amount for a project. The RSMP Team will finalize the RSMP Payment amount at the time of RSMP approval.

RSMP Payment

RSMP participation by the construction of drainage infrastructure improvements must meet or exceed the total RSMP Payment amount. The RSMP Team will not require further payment if the improvements cost more than the calculated RSMP Payment amount. 

The RSMP Payment Calculator is updated annually on September 30. The RSMP Team will update any outstanding RSMP Payments to reflect the new RSMP Payment calculation on October 1.  

2019 Payment Structure Update

The RSMP Team recently conducted a Payment Structure Update to ensure RSMP Payments are comparable to the cost of building an onsite detention pond.