The Safe Routes to School Education Team teaches pedestrian, bike, bus and train safety to parents and students all around Austin.  Trainings include:

  • Daycare Training - 30 minute interactive session conducted in the classroom by two safety trainers. Children will practice crossing the street on a cloth crosswalk and learn a safety poem and song.
  • Pre-Kindergarten Training - 10 minute English and Spanish presentation in the classroom with a 15 minute walk to the nearest crosswalk.
  • Kindergarten through 6th Grade Training - Taught through PE classes, each training is tailored to each grade level and lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Adult Training - Free training on active transportation, bus and train safety. Available in English and Spanish during PTA meetings or parent coffees. 

The Education Team will provide handouts and answer any questions parents, students or faculty have about making active transportation, buses and trains fun and safe for all to use.

Bike Rodeos 

Bike Rodeos help students learn the rules of the road and how to properly fit and wear their helmets. We don’t recommend students under the age of 10 ride their bikes on the street, however, students of any age can learn the rules of the road so they can practice on the sidewalk.

  • Time/Date:  After school for no more than two hours from Monday through Friday, typically from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. or on Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
  • Location:  School playground black top or a portion of the parking lot.
  • Student’s need:  Bike and helmet.
  • Giveaway items:  Reflective stickers for bikes and helmets, bike safety facts, and more. 

Safety Patrol Training 

Students will receive a 15 minute presentation that teaches them how to safely cross parents and students through crosswalks, along with the most common safety patrol posts in Austin. They also participate in a short game that covers the most important points from the presentation and learn the safety patrol pledge. Manuals, participation certificates, bookmarks and stickers are provided.

BOW WOW (Bike on Wednesday - Walk on Wednesday)

BOW WOW is an initiative to motivate more children to bike or walk to school. The month-long program runs each Wednesday, when children who bike or walk are able to enter their names into a raffle. At the end of the month, two bicycles and ten pedometers are distributed to raffle winners.

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Rhonda Bolick
Safe Routes to School Education Coordinator
(512) 974-5633