The S.A.L.T. Council was formed in 1996 as part of the national organization known as TRIAD. The TRIAD consists of police departments, sheriff's offices and representatives of senior citizen groups within a county. The Travis County S.A.L.T. Council is the advisory arm of the TRIAD. S.A.L.T. members meet monthly to discuss law enforcement issues of interest to the senior community. Members accompanied by a police officer also make presentations to senior citizen groups about crime prevention and how to obtain further information. An important component is educating seniors about scams and other illegal schemes directed at this often vulnerable segment of our population. A community liaison is a member of the S.A.L.T. Council and provides support and information to the Council as well as participating in scheduled activities. For more information about S.A.L.T. or to schedule a presentation, please contact the Office of Community Liaison.