The Office of Community Liaison (OCL) works in each of APD's 3 regions as dictated by the needs of the department and the community. Outreach objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending safety fairs where the community can interact positively with police officers and other public safety representatives in their neighborhoods
  • Participating in Town Hall/neighborhood meetings called to address specific issues
  • Collaborating on projects with officers and community groups, which address long or short-term problems
  • Establishing communication links and partnerships between the police department and Austin residents
  • Coordinating ongoing projects, special events and celebrations for the officers and those we serve in Austin
  • Working collaboratively to assist one another within our outreach areas

To obtain more information, contact the APD Office of Community Liaison at 512-974-4700 or by email.  

OCL Programs

Catherine Haggerty - Manager (512) 974-8170 - Email

  • Manager

Vacant - Administrative Specialist (512) 974-4762 - Email

  • Administrative Specialist

Yolanda Buchman (512) 974-4719 - Email

Sharon D. Cannon (512) 974-6262 - Email


Peter Freeman (512) 974-4280 -Email

Christian Mendoza (512) 974-4734 - Email