Seaholm Power Plant Redevelopment

The former municipal power plant has been redeveloped into a mixed-use anchor for the district. Two new buildings, an underground parking garage and green roof plaza have been added to the existing generator building. The site features a mix of office space, retail, residential, a public plaza and an outdoor terrace overlooking Lady Bird Lake.

Pfluger Bridge Extension

The James D. Pfluger pedestrian and bicycle bridge, completed in 2000, was extended across Cesar Chavez in 2011. The project was completed in conjunction with the Sand Beach Improvements.

Sand Beach Improvements

The Sand Beach Improvements were delivered through a public-private partnership with Gables Residential. The project realigned Sandra Muraida Way to accommodate the extension of the Pfluger Bridge, and extended 2nd Street from Walter Seaholm Drive to Sandra Muraida Way. This new configuration added .75 acres of parkland to Sand Beach. The parkland improvements and innovative storm water bio-filtration pond were designed, constructed and are being maintained by Gables. Open Room Austin is the Art in Public Places component of the project.

Gables Park Plaza

Park Plaza is a private development immediately north of Sand Beach. As part of the public-private partnership, Gables will be providing a dedicated bicycle and pedestrian easement through their property connecting the Pfluger Bridge with the Bowie Underpass.

Bowie Underpass

The Bowie Underpass will allow safe passage for bicycles and pedestrians under the Union Pacific Railroad at Bowie and 3rd Streets. The underpass will complete the pedestrian and bicycle connection from the Pfluger Bridge to the 6th and Lamar Market District.

Lower Shoal Creek Improvements

A series of projects transformed the lower reach of Shoal Creek in the Seaholm District. The missing link of trail was completed in 2018 between 5th Street and West Avenue in conjunction with a new bicycle bridge at Rio Grande connecting the bicycle boulevard with the Lance Armstrong Bikeway. The trail and surrounding parkland was completely rebuilt between 3rd Street and Cesar Chavez in conjunction with the 2nd Street Bridge and New Central Library. The peninsula separating Shoal Creek from Lady Bird Lake was also rebuilt to repair erosion and improve the Butler Trail.

Block 24/The Independent

Austin Energy operated its Energy Control Center on Block 24.  When new Energy Control Center facilities were built, the block was offered for sale by competitive bid in 2008 as part of the Green Water Treatment Plant solicitation.  Austin developers, Constructive Ventures, Inc. were awarded the site.  The Independent Condominiums project, which now occupies this site, also built a shared space plaza in the 3rd Street right-of-way.  Under Council Resolution 000907-72, 40% of future tax revenue will be directed to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund. This contribution is estimated to be worth $9.6 million over the next 20 years.

Seaholm Substation Artwall

Architect/artist Nader Tehrani designed Power Pickets, a sculptural enclosure for the existing Austin Energy substation. The Seaholm Substation Wall Art in Public Places project must simultaneously keep people safe from the operations at the Seaholm Substation, accommodate the substation’s function, and provide a stimulating and engaging artwork to enrich the experience of being in the Seaholm District.

Green Water Redevelopment

The site of the former Thomas C. Green Water Treatment Plant is being redeveloped by Trammell Crow into a multi-block, high density mixed-use project. Nueces Street and 2nd Street was extended through the site, connecting the 2nd Street and Seaholm Districts.

2nd Street Bridge

The 2nd Street ‘Butterfly’ Bridge over Shoal Creek connects the Green Water and Seaholm developments. The project included reconstruction of the Shoal Creek Trail/Parkland and the extension of 2nd Street to West Avenue. 2nd Street was designed as a ‘Festival Street’ that extends the pedestrian dominant realm of the Seaholm Plaza to Shoal Creek. The project was done in conjunction with the New Central Library.

New Central Library

An award winning new central library opened in 2017 on the site of the south part of the substation between the Seaholm development and Shoal Creek. The building is integrated into the adjacent parkland which was completely reconstructed as a fitting connection between the building and Shoal Creek

Intake Structure Redevelopment

The Parks and Recreation Department has completed a feasibility study for the redevelopment of the intake structures that used to serve the Seaholm and Green plants and is in the process of conducting community engagement.

Seaholm Ecodistrict

The City of Austin is one of 10 leading North American cities participating in the launch of a national EcoDistricts pilot program.  Austin is initially focusing on the Seaholm Development District.