City of Austin employees service a traffic signal.

How to request a traffic or pedestrian signal

Anyone can request a signal by calling 3-1-1 or using the online system

To be eligible, each request must:

  • Be within the city limits
  • Be farther than 300 feet from an existing signal. Placing signals within 300 feet creates many traffic problems and is prohibited without just cause.
  • Be more than two years since evaluated or studied previously. If a location has been evaluated or studied within the past two years, it will not be re-evaluated unless a significant change to the previous traffic patterns is anticipated. For example, if a large multifamily development or large grocery store opens in the area and significantly impacts traffic at the requested location.

Signal Request Evaluation

All signal requests that meet the above requirements are eligible for evaluation for further study. 
For pedestrian signals, we evaluate each location based on pedestrian: 

  • Demand 
  • Risk
  • Safety

For traffic signals, we evaluate each location based on:

  • Traffic observations
  • Pedestrian need evaluations
  • Crash History Investigations

Before a pedestrian or traffic signal is constructed, the potential location is studied to ensure a signal is appropriate. Throughout the year, signal and traffic engineers meet to discuss potential locations for study or if other traffic control measures should be considered in place of a signal. Locations are evaluated by the City Council district at least once a year and those locations identified for study are scheduled for data collection.

This study consists of an analysis of the location against guidelines established by the Federal Highway Administration. These guidelines can be found in Chapter 4F of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD).

If the study recommends a pedestrian or traffic signal, that location is added to a construction list. As funding is identified, traffic and pedestrian signals from this list are designed and constructed. Pedestrian signals typically cost approximately $250,000 to construct. Traffic signals typically cost approximately $500,000 to construct.

Get information about the locations and statuses of signal requests and projects. 

Locations that are studied and recommended but have no funding are kept on a list for future installation, once funding is identified.

Pedestrians cross the street after activating a pedestrian signal.