If your community is looking to bring residential permit parking to your street, read through the Residential Permit Parking Guidelines and Procedures (PDF) before applying.

Submission Items

  • Application form with $350 application fee
  • Petition packet (provided by staff) to gather resident signatures and responses

Resident Application Process

  1. Discuss eligibility for the Residential Permit Parking Program by contacting ResidentialParking@AustinTexas.gov.
  2. Submit this online application and a fee of $350.  Staff will review the application and reach out regarding payment. Staff will also confirm requested times for restriction and provide a petition packet including a map for the proposed restriction.
  3. Collect resident signatures and responses. Use the staff-provided petition sheet to gather signatures from residents living at addresses on the proposed street block. These signatures may indicate support, no support, or nei­­ther for the proposed residential permit parking restriction.
    • At least 60% majority support for most Residential Permit Parking applications is required to proceed to the next application phase.
    • During the petition process, the applicant is required to purchase temporary signs indicating the street is being considered for residential permit parking.

Staff Review Process

  • Staff will conduct a parking study. If majority support is met and verified, then Austin Transportation staff will conduct a parking study of the proposed area. The parking study must indicate at least 75% parking occupancy in legal parking spaces with no less than 25% commuter traffic as determined by license plate information.
  • The Area Traffic Engineer reviews the area and parking study. If the parking study meets the criteria, an Austin Transportation Area Traffic Engineer will review for approval. If approved, the residential permit parking restrictions will be enacted and signs installed on the requested street. Enforcement of the zone typically starts two weeks after sign installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Application Process

How long is the process to designate and install residential permit parking on a street?

The process depends on staff capacity and the number of other applications under review as well as other external factors that may affect the review process, such as weather.

If staff does not approve residential permit parking for my street, will my application fees be refunded?

Application fees cover the cost of staff time required to process applications. Given these costs, fees are not refunded after staff review.